In Case of Accident

Your Honda Fit EV lease includes HondaLink™ Roadside Assistance and Collision/Comprehensive coverage to repair damage to your Fit EV. These benefits will make it easy to get your Fit EV repaired.

First, you should know that the Fit EV is equipped with an emergency shutdown system for the high voltage Lithium Ion battery system. The emergency shutdown system may activate when the vehicle is impacted by a crash or collision. Also, you should avoid any contact with the High Voltage system components or any battery fluid that may leak as a result of a severe accident. If a crash occurs, you should:

  • Contact HondaLink™ Roadside Assistance at 866-864-5211 to arrange for a tow to an Authorized Honda Fit EV dealer if your vehicle is disabled or if the high voltage system has been shutdown. If you can drive your Fit EV (minor damage) you should take it to your Authorized Fit EV dealer as soon as possible to begin arranging repairs and a rental car if necessary.
  • Contact LeasePlan, the administrator of the collision and comprehensive coverage, within 24 hours at 800-323-6644. Let them know you are a Fit EV lessee and provide them with the last 6 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). They will complete a short accident report and begin working with your authorized Honda Fit EV dealer to arrange repairs.

That's it! Following these simple steps will help ensure the efficient repair of your damaged Fit EV.