HondaLink™ EV App

The HondaLink™ EV app is designed to support your Fit EV experience.

The app allows you to interact with your Fit EV by viewing your current battery level and driving range, allowing you to start/stop charging and climate preconditioning as well as managing your vehicle charging schedules. You can also view your vehicle’s current range on a map display and search for charging stations, certified Honda EV dealerships, or other nearby points of interest.

The HondaLink™ EV app also provides on demand assistance; whether you need to call for Roadside help or view frequently asked questions about your Fit EV, it is all available at the touch of a button.

Included in this Version

  • View your Fit EV’s battery level, driving range and interior temperature.
  • On demand control of your Fit EV: You can view whether your vehicle is plugged in,and turn the charge and climate preconditioning on or off with a single touch.
  • Want to set a recurring time for your vehicle to automatically charge? View and manage your charging and climate schedules from your smartphone.
  • Need to find a charging station? Go to the map to view charging stations around your location as well as see the type and number of chargers.
  • Find certified Honda EV dealerships and get important information including their hours.
  • Peace of mind. The HondaLink™ EV app roadside call button connects you to HondaLink™ Roadside Assistance for instant help.


  • Works with all iPhones running iOS 7.0 software or later
  • Not functional on an iPod Touch
  • Requires Android 2.3 or later