Your Fit EV requires minimal standard maintenance for the lease period and is equipped with a Maintenance Reminder system to inform you when service is needed.

All scheduled maintenance and HondaLink™ Roadside Assistance are included as part of your Fit EV lease agreement.

Your vehicle’s accumulated distance is between 6,300 miles (10,140 km) and 7,500 miles (12,000 km). Once you switch the display by pressing the button, this message will go off.

Your vehicle’s accumulated distance has exceeded 7,500 miles (12,000 km). Without performing scheduled maintenance, press the button to switch to another display.

Services to be performed:

  • Inspect front and rear brakes
  • Check parking brake adjustment
  • Replace dust and pollen filter
  • Rotate tires (Check tires inflation and condition at least once per month)

Visually inspect the following items:

  • Tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots
  • Suspension components
  • Driveshaft boots
  • Brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
  • All fluid levels and condition of fluid